This Is Berlin

Infectious take on David Bowie and Iggy Pop Berlin era indie, This Is Berlin

A city of winners and loosers

Though Berlin these days is most of all a symbol of human unity it is also a living symbol of human individuality. The lyrics of the song reflects the city as a love story for most of it´s people but also a place where it is far from easy to make it by. “It was clear from the start that this song should capture the real Berlin instead of merely being a pretty picture” explains label manager Ian Nilsen who is also the composer of the song.



“It’s been underway for a little while, my song to my fave city. Its actually part of an album due sometime 2015, where 10 different artists connected to Berlin each does their version. This is my original version, a kind of Rocky David Bowie 70’s style, blended with Stian Summer.” – Ian Nilsen August 2015

Ian Nilsen

DOWNLOAD MP3 via SoundCloud

BritishPopSong is record label that fuses a British inspired indie pop tradition coupled with the current Swedish production standards into a strong radio friendly sound. The label was started in 2010 by long term London resident Ian Nilsen and have now operations in London, Copenhagen and Berlin.

britishpopsongs homepage

more info:

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Screen shot 2015-08-24 at 18.04.56

stian summer - this is Berlin


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